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Youth Services

Youth Enrichment Strategies include the following treatment services:

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  • Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Assessments 
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Individual Substance Abuse Counseling 
  • Family Counseling 


Treatment strategies are determined on an individual basis via comprehensive assessments or substance abuse evaluations. During this stage, clients meet with a counselor to discuss their presenting needs (biological, psychological and social.) Individuals with issues surrounding substance abuse will also be assessed using criteria of the American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM). Each client is admitted or referred to another agency according to this assessment.

Individual Counseling

Building on strengths, the adolescent may work with a counselor who will help him or her develop new skills to address specific emotional or behavioral challenges

Family Counseling

Recognizing the importance of the family as a resource and foundation for the adolescent’s positive change, the Department of Human Services provides family counseling which assists in the development of goals and strategies for family growth.

Student Counselors

The Student Counselor Program was developed to enhance and support student achievement in the school environment. Student Counselors provide in-school assessment, crisis intervention, counseling and referral services to any student who may be experiencing personal, family and/or peer difficulties. Our goal is to support students and prevent personal challenges from interfering with their school success. Counselors work in the Intermediate School and the three elementary schools.

Student Counselors work collaboratively with administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, the school nurse, other school personnel and parents to identify and assess areas of need. Students may be referred by school staff, parents, or other students, or they may self-refer. Parents who have concerns about any non-academic issues may contact the Student Counselors directly.

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