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Office of Emergency Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Township of Ocean Office of Emergency Management is to maintain a high level of preparedness to protect the citizens and visitors to the Township of Ocean in the event of an emergency whether it be natural or man-made. The office will also strive with the help of other agencies to mitigate various hazards that may be present in the Township. The office will provide guidance and support to the township response agencies to reduce the loss of life and property through an all-hazards emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Phases of Emergency Management


Activities that eliminate of reduce the consequences of an incident (insurance, building codes, flood plain management, public education).


Planning, exercise, training, public information and warning


Warning, evacuation, and emergency services to address immediate and short-term effects of an emergency/disaster


  • Short Term - those operations that seek to restore critical services and meet basic needs
  • Long Term - those actions that restore the community to its normal state or better, this includes working with agencies such as FEMA to secure reimbursement in disaster situations
  • Mitigation measures such as temporary housing and food, restoring non-vital services, etc.

Emergency Operations Plan

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the township’s Emergency Operations Plan. This document consists of functional annexes that outline how the township will function during an emergency or disaster situation.

Resource Support

The Office of Emergency Management serves as the conduit to the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management to request resources from necessary agencies when needed in the event that local resources become overwhelmed.


The Township of Ocean Office of Emergency Management is staffed by a part-time director and five part time deputy coordinators along with several other volunteer functional coordinators who respond and help during disasters. The office also maintains and staffs the Emergency Operations Center, located in Town Hall, to assist in communications and coordination during times of emergency.