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Crime Prevention & Tips

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Township of Ocean Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is actively seeking to expand its Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP). Anyone interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program or reactivating a dormant program is encouraged to contact the Juvenile Section.

Fear of crime adversely affects more than 9,000,000 Americans in today’s society. The growing trend within communities to participate in the fight against crime has paralleled a growing recognition by police that traditional crime-fighting tactics alone have had a limited impact on controlling crime. As implemented by the Township of Ocean Police Department, crime prevention /community policing is, in essence, a collaboration between the police and the community that identifies and resolves community based crime related conditions and problems. The Crime Prevention Unit within the police department serves as a catalyst and focal point for this effort in our town.

Crime prevention is best described as the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it.

Residential Crime Prevention

The foundation of an effective and successful crime prevention /community policing effort is the close, mutually beneficial ties developed between the police and residents of a community. To develop a community partnership, the police must develop positive relationships within the community, must involve the community in the quest for better crime control and crime prevention, and must pool their resources with that of the community they serve to more effectively address the concerns of those citizens. The Crime Prevention Unit actively seeks to work closely with community members and has developed several programs and initiatives to address the community’s needs. By far the most visible and effective program in place is the Neighborhood Watch Program. The emphasis of this program, as administered in the Township of Ocean, is the development of a strong working relationship between the residents of the community and the police department through the Crime Prevention Officer (CPO). The groups hold periodic meetings as often as desired by the group members which are also attended by the CPO. Crime trends, prevention information, concerns, and feedback are exchanged between the members and the CPO.

In addition to the Neighborhood Watch Program, another service available to residents is the Residential Crime Prevention Survey. Like its commercial counterpart, it is a comprehensive evaluation of a resident’s home and property in a crime prevention view designed to identify crime conducive conditions. A written report is provided to the homeowner indicating security deficiencies along with recommendations on how to correct them. We would rather have our Crime Prevention Officer point out a resident’s vulnerabilities than a criminal.

Numerous presentations are also available to civic groups free of charge and can be custom designed to meet any need or request. Again, the unit is available to assist the public in any matter relating to crime prevention, home security, personal safety, or other concerns.

Commercial Crime Prevention

The specialized needs of our business community are continually being examined and addressed on an ongoing basis through available services, materials, and training presentations. Like its residential counterpart, the Commercial Crime Prevention Survey is a tool used to assess a business’s vulnerability to crime. The survey is a comprehensive look at a commercial establishment examining its structural security; cash control procedures; employee training regarding theft, fraud, robbery and shoplifting prevention; inventory control; and access control among other areas depending on the type of business. A confidential written report is provided to the merchant with recommendations to minimize his/her vulnerability.

As stated earlier, training programs are available free of charge to the business community. A sample of the programs presented to our business community is as follows:

  • Counterfeit Currency Detection (The presentation is given by the U.S. Secret Service in cooperation with the Ocean Township police Department). 
  • Personal Safety Presentation 
  • Robbery Procedures 
  • Shoplifting Awareness 
  • Crime Watch Presentation 

If a business or community group has a specific request, a presentation can be custom tailored for them to suit their particular needs. The Crime Prevention Unit is also available for consultation on any security, crime prevention, loss prevention, or safety issues of concern.

To report non-emergent threats regarding school safety, please call 1-877-624-8082.

For more information on crime prevention, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (732) 531-1559.