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Traffic Safety Bureau

The Traffic Safety Bureau is responsible for the enforcement of state motor vehicle laws, local ordinances, and investigation of motor vehicle crashes throughout the Township of Ocean. This includes serious, fatal, and hit and run motor vehicle crashes. The Bureau keeps record of the motor vehicles impounded for motor vehicle violations, and applies for junk and resale titles through the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission when the vehicles are not removed from the impound location.

The Traffic Safety Bureau offers a variety of services to residents:

  • Maintains records for motor vehicle crashes and summonses issued.
  • Conducts motor vehicle enforcement at high volume & crash rate locations to promote safe driving practices.
  • Deploys portable radar and variable message trailers to areas of speeding complaints and road work locations.
  • Provides feedback of site plan surveys for new developments so that traffic will move safely and efficiently.
  • Provides support to monthly NJ Motor Vehicle Commission inspection check points.

The Traffic Safety Bureau is currently comprised of two full time police officers, both of whom are child passenger safety technicians. If you wish to make an appointment for an inspection of your installation, please call 732-531-1802. Residency or adjacent township residency is required. Car seat appointments with the seats arriving uninstalled will be refused. The parent or guardian must make an effort to install the seat; the Traffic Officer will then make the corrections, and educate the parent or guardian on how the corrections were made. The Traffic Safety Bureau reserves the right to cancel a scheduled inspection if the need arises due to an emergent circumstance. A notification of the cancelation will be attempted.

Officers Assigned:

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