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Food Licensing
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2021 Food License Application
This entire form must be mailed with your remittance.
1. Please enter your information on the lines provided.
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2. Please check the box below for the annual licensing fee for retail Food Establishments.

Minimum Fees for annual licensing of retail Food Establishments are hereby fixed as follows:
Mobile Vehicles $150.00 per year
Special Events Lasting One Week in Duration or Less $10.00 per event
Establishments Other Than Licensed Restaurants:
(1) Minimum Fee All Establishments $150.00 per year
(2) Between 4,000 and 10,000 square feet $400.00 per year
(3) Over 10,000 square feet $700.00 per year
(4) Minimum Fee for Minor Amouts of Pre-Packaged, Non-Potentially Hazardous Foods $75.00 per year
(1) Seating Capacity Up to 50 $150.00 per year
(2) Seating Capacity From 51 to 100 $250.00 per year
(3) Seating Capacity Over 100 $400.00 per year
Food License Late Fee:
  A late fee charge will be levied by the licensing municipality on those food establishment owner and/or operators who do not renew their license on the anniversary date. The late fee charge will be in addition to the cost of the establishment's annual food licensing fee. The late fee charge is set as follows: the late fee equals 20% of the food establishment's annual licensing fee , per month, except that the minimum late fee charge shall be set no lower than $20.00 per month.
  If upon re-inspection, the establishment is rated conditional or below for the same or similar violation, there will be a re-inspection fee of $175.00. Establishments are still subject to additional penalties upon inspector's discretion.
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3. If you are a Risk Three Category restaurant, you must provide documentation that at least one person in charge has passed a food safety course accredited by the Conference for Food Protection.
4. Mail or deliver to the address below with check made payable to "The Township of Ocean"

     Township of Ocean
     ATTN: Food Licensing
     399 Monmouth Road
     Oakhurst, NJ 07755