8/26/2010 - OT Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Plan

Our Township's vision is to achieve an Active Transit Network of bicycle and pedestrian pathways that are handicapped-accessible and provide safe, secure, reliable, and healthy access to parks, schools, places of worship, public transportation, governmental offices, and business districts within and around Ocean Township. 

The Ocean Township Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Plan will help to achieve this vision by developing a prioritized network of conceptual pedestrian and bicycle routes with the goal of improving safety and circulation for non-motorized modes of transportation.  Your participation and input are vital to a successful project, so please peruse the following links and share your thoughts.

Link to Project Background and Anticipated Schedule: /filestorage/5927/74/ATN_plan.pdf

Link to Web Questionnaire: Web Questionnaire

Link to Community Walk Interactive Map: Community Walk Interactive Map