Community Emergency Response Team

The Ocean Township Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Township of Ocean Human Services Department has established a Citizen Corps Response Team. The mission of the CERT is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues and disasters of all kinds. Everyone can do something to help make our families and our communities safer through:

Personal responsibility: Developing a household preparedness plan and disaster supplies kits, observing home health and safety practices, implementing disaster mitigation measures, and participating in crime prevention and reporting.

Training: Taking classes in emergency preparedness, response capabilities, first aid, CPR, fire suppression and search and rescue procedures.

Volunteer service: Engaging individuals in volunteer activities that support first responders, disaster relief groups, and community safety organizations.

The Community Emergency Response Team is a group of Ocean Township volunteers that will give critical support to residents and first responders in major emergencies and special events. They offer immediate care for victims, organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site and collect information to support first responder efforts.

What training is involved?
CERT members are trained to respond, along with EMS, to large-scale emergencies.  First, they care for their family and neighbors and then report to a strategic location to offer their assistance to the community.  The Ocean Township Office of Emergency Management offers training on an as needed basis.  Members meet and learn essential skills, including disaster preparedness, fire suppression, basic medical operations and search and rescue.  There is an additional hands-on sessions and occasional maintenance training is scheduled throughout the year.

What are the benefits of CERT training?
Local government prepares for everyday emergencies, but a large-scale disaster will overwhelm the community's immediate response capability causing significant delays getting to those who need help.  During a major crisis, such as a hurricane, large-scale fire, or man-made disaster, assistance from trained volunteers is crucial.

How much does the training cost?
The only cost is the time you spend helping others.  You will receive a CERT pack with a team vest, helmet, gloves, and basic first aid and disaster response supplies.

How can I register for CERT training?
You can call the CERT Coordinator, Kathy Reiser, Human Services Department at (732) 531-2600 for details.

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