Bingo Licensing

What must an organization do to apply for a bingo license:

1. Provide the following:
  • $100.00 bi-annual registration fee (senior citizen organizations are exempt from the application fee)
  • A copy of the organization’s articles of incorporation, if incorporated
  • A copy of the organization’s by-laws and constitution
  • Membership list
  • Financial summary for a period not less than one year

The following items MUST BE SUBMITTED when applying for a raffle license at the Township Clerk’s office:

1. VALID REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE bearing the organization’s name and identification number. This certificate must be valid for the entire period the raffle is being conducted

2. The following documents must be attached and submitted with the application:
  • Sample ticket
  • List of wheels and games
  • Required fees (obtained from Township Clerk’s office)
  • Equipment lesser statement (if occurring)

3. THREE (3) copies of the license application, which MUST BE SIGNED by at least two (2) different members and notorized

The organization will receive one application back once the license has been approved or denied.



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