Police Benevolent Association Local 57 & 57A

The NJ State PBA was organized in 1896 and presently has over 350 locals and nearly 30,000 members representing federal, county, state and local law enforcement agencies. PBA Local #57 received its charter on August 30, 1928. Currently Local 57 represents approximately 70 members from the Ocean Township and Allenhurst Police Departments. Local 57A represents the Superior Officers of Ocean Township. The PBA locals are a non-profit organizations that donate to many worthy causes including but not limited to Little League, Pop-Warner Football, Student Scholarships, Disaster Victims and Members in Need.

Local #57's Executive Board consists of the following officers:

President: Daniel Weber
Vice President: Randy Slawsky 
Treasurer: Sean Edson 
Secretary: John Goncalves
State Delegate: Luke Sciallo

Local 57A's Executive Board consists of the following officers:

President: Sgt. Bryan Morgan
Vice President: Lt. Dimitrios Kelesidis
Treasurer Sgt. Jeff Malone
Secretary: Sgt. Matt Jackiewicz

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