Principles and Values

 WE RESPECT LIFE… We hold the preservation of life as our sacred duty. Our

value of human life sets our priorities.

 WE REVERE THE TRUTH… We will pursue truth, honesty and justice with

vigor. We will accept nothing less in our organization.

WE DEMONSTRATE INTEGRITY… We value organizational and personal

integrity which is essential to the success of our department. Anything less is


WE PRIZE LOYALTY… We value personal commitment and loyalty as essential

to the best interest of public safety and professional law enforcement. Loyalty is

the foundation upon which trust is built within our department and the

community we serve. 

WE ARE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE… We will encourage and support our

members in their efforts to achieve the highest professional and ethical

standards and quality of service to the public.


personal conduct, both on and off duty, is inseparable from the professional

reputation of both the officer and the department.

WE HONOR OUR POLICE POWERS… We understand that our police powers

are derived from the people we serve. We do not tolerate the abuse of our

police authority.

WE ENFORCE THE LAW… We recognize that our basic responsibility is to

enforce the law of the land for the general good while respecting the rights and

dignity of each individual regardless of race, creed, color and sex. Our role is to

resolve problems through the law not to judge and punish. We will use only that

amount of force necessary.

WE SEEK COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP… We view the people of our

community as partners who deserve our concern, care and attention. We are

committed to reducing the fear of crime in our community, and we endeavor to

do this by creating partnerships in our neighborhoods.

WE STRIVE TO IMPROVE… We can never be satisfied with the status quo.

We must aim for continuous improvement in serving the public in an ever changing


WE VALUE COURAGE… We realize that both physical and moral courage are

essential if we are to live the values we believe in.