Branches & Brush

Branches and brush will be collected loose in the street from April 1 through October 1 using the below zone schedule and map.  Follow these guidelines when putting brush and branches out for collection:
  • Place loose in the street in lengths no longer than four feet; trees and stumps may be no more than 24" in diameter.
  • Place at least 10 feet away from a storm drain inlet.
  • Piles should be less than three feet in height and extend no more than four feet into the road.
  • Do not include weeds, flowers, plants, etc.  These can be placed in your green garbage cart to be collected with household garbage.
  • Small amounts, containerized, in no more than three 45-gallon garbage cans or tied in bundles will be collected with bulk trash.

From November 1 through March 31, brush is not to be placed in the street for disposal.  Small amounts of brush can be placed in your green garbage cart for collection with household garbage; or, if containerized, in no more than three 45-gallon containers, in lengths of four feet or less and diameters of no greater than 3", with a weight limit of 50 pounds with bulk trash collection. Brush may be placed at the curb no more than 10 days prior to pick up.

2023 Brush Collection Schedule

Zone 1 - North of Deal Road and West of Whalepond Road
Zone 2 - North of Roseld Avenue and East of Rt. 35
Zone 3 - South of Deal Road and West of Rt. 35
Zone 4 - South of Deal Road and East of Rt. 35

Brush Pick-up 

March 26-31; Apr 23-28; May 21- 26; June 18-23; July 16-21; Aug 13-18; Sept10-15; Oct 8-13  

April 2-7; April 30-May 5; May 28 to June 2; June 25-30; July 23-28; Aug 20-25; Sept 17-22; Oct 15-20
Apr 16-21; May 14-19; June 11-16; July 9-14; Aug 6-11; Sept 3-8; Oct 1-6; Oct 29-Nov 3
Apr 9-14; May 7-12; June 4-9; July 2-7; July 30-Aug 4; Aug 27-Sept 1; Sept 24-Sept 29; Oct 22-27

Scheduled brush collections will end as of October 2023, however, brush will be collected as needed, especially if we should experience any extreme weather.

For additional information, call the Public Works office at 732-531-5001.