Get Help

Immediate help for victims:
If you feel that your physical safety is threatened, or you are already a victim of violence, or you are hurt and need immediate protection or help call 911. The police will be there to support you and they can refer you a team that can provide you with the right type of help.

Safety for you and your family:
The 180, Turning Lives Around center can provide you with a safe haven for your family and for you. They can also provide you with support to plan out your future and counseling for the offending partner. You can visit their website by clicking HERE or call them at 1-888-843-9262.

Counseling for victims is available at the Ocean Township Human Services Department for Township residents (call 732-531-2600). The Department also offers referral services as well as counseling in anger management. For more information see the counseling section of this website.

180 Turning Lives Around (website) 732-264-4111
Domestic Violence Hotline NJ (website) 1-800-572-7233
Parents Anonymous Helpline (website) 1-800-843-5437

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