Dangers of Children Home Alone

Although many parents may find themselves in the situation where they may feel they have no choice but to leave their child home alone, it is still important to be aware of the dangers of doing so.

Children left unsupervised often exhibit higher levels of fear, stress, loneliness and boredom. They are also at a greater risk to be involved in accidents and to be victimized by strangers, siblings, and friends. Children left home alone may also be more vulnerable to sexual abuse due to their easier access.

Children left home without adult supervision are also at greater risk to engage in dangerous behaviors such as drinking, using drugs, and engaging in other delinquent behaviors. They are also more likely to engage in sexual activity and may be more likely to do so at an earlier age.

Let’s face it, kids naturally push the limits. They test out behaviors to see what they can get away with. The more time they have unsupervised by a responsible adult, the more time they have to get into trouble. Parents who are aware of the possible dangers of leaving children home alone and take steps to create a feeling of supervision within their home when they are not there, may be able to minimize these dangers.

How young is too young for a child to be a babysitter? Twelve-year-old Andrea (Andi) Brewer was babysitting her three younger siblings when her uncle Carl Roberts stopped by and told her that her grandparents were sick. Andi got into his truck and disappeared. After a three-day search, Carl Roberts confessed and pled guilty to her kidnapping, rape, and murder. He is currently in an Arkansas prison awaiting execution.
Andi's mom Rebecca says a 12-year-old is too young to be left alone. "You can go through all kinds of rules and teach them all kinds of things they can do, but the fact is my daughter is not here and it could have been easily prevented. And now, even though my 15-year-old is very mature, it's so scary to leave her home alone."

Some Tragic Stories of Children Left Home Alone

Fire kills 5 children left home alone -
Mothers charged with negligent homicide
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Fire breaks out in apartment where 3 children are left home alone
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Three children left home alone killed in early morning blaze in Atlanta
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Mother loses custody after young children left home alone start fire
(7 yr old sets self on fire)
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