Keeping Kids Safe Online Resources

Online Acronyms
121: one to one
ADN: any day now
AFAIK: as far as I know
AFK: away from keyboard
A/S/L: age, sex, location
B4: before
B4N: bye for now
BF: boyfriend
BFN: bye for now
BG: big grin
BTA: but then again
BTW: by the way
CID: crying in disgrace
CNP: continued (in my) next post
CP: chat post
CU: see you
CUL: see you later
CYO: see you online
DBAU: doing business as usual
FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt
FWIW: for what it's worth
G2G: got to go
G: grin
GA: go ahead
GAL: get a life
GF: girlfriend
GFN: gone for now that
GMBO: giggling my butt off
GMTA: great minds think alike
HAGN: have a good night
HDOP: help delete online predators
HHIS: hanging head in shame
IAC: in any case
IANAL: I am not a lawyer (but)
IC: I see
IDK: I don't know
IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion
IMO: in my opinion
IOW: in other words
IPN: I’m posting naked
IRL: in real life
L8R: later
LD: later, dude
LDR: long distance relationship
LLTA: lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMIRL: let's meet in real life
LTR: longterm relationship
LULAB: love you like a brother
LULAS: love you like a sister
M/F: male or female
OLL: online love
OTOH: on the other hand
RPG: role playing games
SHID: slaps head in disgust
SO: significant other
SOMY: sick of me yet?
SOT: short of time
TTYL: talk to you later
UW: you’re welcome
WB: welcome back
WFM: works for me
WIBNI: wouldn't it be nice if
WTGP: want to go private?
WTG: way to go
YM: young man


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