Tips For Effective Discipline

Regardless of the overall strategy used with young children to respond to challenging behavior, the following specific tips can be helpful:
  • Try to be consistent and fair in what you expect from children.
  • Praise good behavior right away.
  • Be realistic about what you expect. Expect a child to act like a child.
  • Set limits by choosing a few simple, important rules, explaining them, and repeating them periodically.
  • Explain how you want your child to behave in a few clear words and in a firm way.
  • Show by your actions what you expect of the child.
  • Enforce limits and rules consistently, fairly, and respectfully.
  • Show by your example how you control your anger when disciplining your child and also at other times.
  • Use discipline as an opportunity to remind your child of the rules for proper behavior, the consequences of inappropriate behavior, and why these rules are important.
  • Follow through on the disciplinary action and establish a positive relationship with the child.

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