Teaching By Example

Children learn by watching how people around them act and react—through imitating and observing the most important persons in their lives.

This means that, as an adult who cares for young children, you have an important role in showing them positive ways to deal with different situations. You can help children resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way.

  • Recognize your own temperament— so you will be aware of how it affects the way you respond to others when a child is present.
  • Recognize how anger, frustration, and stress affect you—so you will think twice before reacting to a conflict.
  • Learn to manage your own stress and anger—so that your child is not afraid of you.
  • Learn to be consistent with what to expect of your child—so that your child is not confused.
  • Communicate your feelings and ideas in a respectful way—so your child will learn to respect others.
  • Solve your everyday problems with respectful words and non-aggressive or violent actions—so your child will learn to do the same.
  • Think out loud about a problem and a solution—so your child will know how to think and to resolve a problem, for example, “We are out of milk. I am not feeling well enough to walk to the store. I think I will call your Aunt Susie and ask her to get some milk on her way over.”

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