Common Street Names
  • Crazy Medicine Nazi Speed
Yaba, a methamphetamine tablet, has been appearing in the United States. In recent years. Yaba is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine and come in small tablets that typically fit inside the end of a drinking straw. Yaba tablets are usually brightly colored and commonly have a ‘R’ or ‘WY’ logo imprinted on them. They are sometimes flavored (grape, orange, and vanilla): tasting like candy, the tablets are obviously marketed to a young audience, particularly at rave’s or parties where Ecstasy (a similar looking drug) has been well established. Methamphetamine pills are normally ingested orally, although they can be crushed into powder and can be inhaled, snorted or injected.

YABA means ‘crazy medicine’ in Thai
Since the main ingredient in Yaba is  methamphetamine  , the effects and risks are similar and include: rapid heart beat, increased blood pressure, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, paranoia, violent behavior, inflammation of the heart lining, and many others.

See our section on methamphetamine for more information.

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