The Township of Ocean Growing Strong

Mission Statement:

The Township of Ocean Growing Strong (TOGS) program was developed as a township wide positive prevention program, based on the Search Institute’s research of the 40 Developmental Assets. TOGS strives to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to children, youth and families. The mission of TOGS is to promote healthy youth in a healthy community. We believe that individuals, who are confident, competent and caring, cultivate healthy communities and in turn, healthy communities foster developmental assets in the people who compose them.

The TOGS program creates a caring community by increasing connectedness to peers, adult role models, and the community as a whole. Through the promotion of the developmental assets in youth, we are able to help counteract the negative effects of peer pressure. In making community service opportunities available, the program facilitates a sense of purpose and self-worth, which empowers our youth to not only be a part of the community, but an asset to it. Through the TOGS program’s extensive involvement with the community, our youth are able to recognize and appreciate the benefits of the rich culture and diversity of Ocean Township.

There are two TOGS youth groups within the community. The TOGS youth group is organized and advised by Danielle Monti Pfeiffer, the Ocean Township High School Student Assistance Counselor. While the iTOGS youth group is organized and advised by Jesse Kauffmann, the Ocean Township Intermediate School SAC. While both groups maintain their own programs, the high school TOGS members also participate in an active peer mentoring program with the iTOGS students. Many community initiatives are worked on collaboratively by both the TOGS and iTOGS members.

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If interested in more information about the TOGS program contact:

Danielle Pfeiffer at (732) 531-5650 x 1042

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