40 Ways Anyone Can Build Assets

  • Show courtesy to family members in public and at home
  • Invite caring, responsible adults to be part of children’s lives
  • Vow to say one encouraging thing to someone each day
  • Encourage passions and interests in others
  • Volunteer to be a mentor for a young person

  • Include Young people as active participants in events
  • Encourage teens to take leadership roles in their community
  • Do simple acts of community service together
  • Give young people appropriate and important responsibilities within the family
  • Teach children and youth how to be safe wherever they go

Boundaries & Expectations
  • When setting boundaries for someone else, explain the values behind them
  • Talk together about how to establish family rules and consequences
  • Treat all people, regardless of age, with respect
  • Be a positive role model in a young person’s life
  • Respect teens privacy, but take interest in their friends and activities

Constructive use of time
  • Visit museums and libraries and attend plays and concerts with youth
  • Encourage teens to be involved in at least one hobby
  • Have a regular family night to do something fun together
  • Involve youth in decisions about family activities
  • Volunteer in programs and activities for young children

Commitment to learning
  • Ask a young person to teach you a new skill
  • Set daily homework goals
  • Organize a neighborhood book swap
  • Invite a teacher to have dinner at your home
  • Believe that all young people can learn

Positive Values
  • Remember that mistakes are part of living and growing
  • Show care and concern for your neighbors by offering a helping hand
  • Write down what you believe. Post it where you will see it often
  • Be responsible for all of your thoughts, words, and actions
  • Try new things and take on new responsibilities

Social Competencies
  • Have family meetings where children have a voice in decision making
  • Smile and say hello to at least one new person each day
  • Learn about your own cultural heritage and the heritage of others
  • Help youth practice coping skills when difficult situations arise
  • Learn and model peaceful ways to resolve disagreement

Positive Identity
  • Dwell on what children do right instead of what they do wrong
  • Avoid comparing young people with each other
  • Let youth know you are proud of their talents, capabilities, and discoveries
  • Listen when young people talk about their sense of purpose in life
  • Ask young people what they are passionate about

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