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Explore is a program that allows teens (13-18 years-old) and their parents to look at alcohol and substance issues together. Participants will examine their attitude, learn new information and new ways of making decisions about drug and alcohol use. Explore is a first step toward communication and better decisions about the issues of substance abuse in a teen’s life. The program includes:

Education - Both teens and parents will learn new information and skills that will help in addressing issues of alcohol and other drugs

Assessment - Teens will complete a valid assessment tool to help them and their parents understand the role of drug and alcohol issues in their lives.

Recommendation and Referral - Based on the information shared with the counselor and the assessment instrument, recommendations regarding further counseling or other interventions will be made to the parents and teen.

Certification - Notification of the teen’s participation and results of the assessment will be forwarded to the referring agency upon parental request.

A Message To Teens:

The Explore program will assist you and your parents in looking at the role of alcohol in your life.

The program provides you with facts. We are not here to judge you or to punish you. Our goal is to give you and your parents real information, not only about alcohol but also about you.

You will complete an assessment and receive the results to use in making an informed choice about the future.

Explore is a strength based program, that means we are going to be looking at what is right with you-not what is wrong with you.

What to Expect

Explore is a two session program that meets from 6:00 to 7:30 on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

The first session is for teens, focusing on the strengths. The program will be educational and interactive. At this session teens will complete a screening test that they will use to help make future decisions. Parents must be present at the start of the program to sign the teen in.

The second session is for both teens and their parents, family communication about alcohol will be the focus of our discussion. At this session, results of the assessment will be shared with teens and their parents.

The cost of the program is $25 for Ocean Township residents and $50 for non-residents. Scholarships are available if there is financial need.

A Message to Parents:

If you are considering the Explore program, it is likely that your child’s alcohol or drug use has been related to some legal, academic, family or social problem for both you and the teen.

Explore provides an opportunity to look at those behaviors together, talk about consequences, and build on the strengths of your family.

During the assessment phase, we will help parents and teens gather information about their chemical health and make decisions about what, if any, further steps need to be taken.

A Message to Others who Care about Kids

You are someone who cares about kids-You may be a judge, police officer, member of the juvenile conference committee, school administrator, clergyperson or neighbor. Whoever you are, you have the potential to make a difference in the life of a young person and the families who love them.

Explore is an intervention program that provides a first step. Through education, assessment, and referral, Explore provides young people and their parents the opportunity to address alcohol issues in the teen’s life.

If you are in a position to require participation, doing so now may short-circuit significant difficulties in the future.

To make a referral to Explore, simply give the parents the information and call or fax the referral to us. We will provide you with confirmation of their participation in the program and will provide the teen with a certificate of completion.

For more information or to make a referral or register contact

Department of Human Services
601 Deal Road
P.O. Box 910
Oakhurst, NJ 07755

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