Alcohol Education for Young Adults
Emerge is a program that allows young adults (18-21 years-old) to look at alcohol & substance issues in their lives while examining their attitude, and learning new information & ways of making decisions about drug and alcohol use.

Emerge is designed specifically for young adults and provides education, assessment, and referrals that are appropriate for men and women in the first stage of adulthood.

The Emerge program begins with the premise that young adulthood is a unique stage of life, with its own challenges and opportunities. Emerge will assist you in looking at the role of alcohol and other drugs in your life as you enter adulthood with its autonomy and responsibility.

Emerge will provide you with facts about alcohol and other drugs. In addition you will complete an assessment test that will allow you to make informed choices about your alcohol use. You will learn decision making strategies that will assist you in making choices that promote both success and integrity.

Emerge is a strength-based program that provides you with skills and information. If you find that there is a need for counseling or other interventions, the professional counseling staff of the program will assist you in taking the first steps.

Emerge is a two session program that meets from 6:00 to 7:30 on the first and third Wednesday of each month.
Participants must attend both sessions.

During the first session, participants focus on strengths, challenges and opportunities that are of significance to the emerging adult and will complete a valid assessment instrument which will be discussed in the second session. The participants will be provided with strategies and resources in the second session to make an informed decision about their need for continued counseling.

Advanced registration is required. The fee for the program is $50.00.

For more information or to make a referral or to register please contact the Department of Human Services at: 732-531-2600

Download the Emerge Brochure for more information

Why Emerge?


Every day 13 young adults die from alcohol related injuries.

Young adults (18-21) are 3x more likely to be admitted to an emergency room for alcohol than their teen (14-17) peers.

In this age group 67% of men who raped women had used alcohol or drugs prior to the rape and 55% of the victims had used drugs or alcohol prior to the rape.

Finding and treating alcohol problems early is the most effective approach.

Young adults are most amenable to intervention & education because of their increasing autonomy and responsibility.

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