YES! Program: Positive Treatment for Positive Change

Youth Enrichment Strategies include the following treatment services:

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  • Substance Abuse Assessments 
  • Comprehensive Assessments 
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Individual Substance Abuse Counseling 
  • Family Counseling 
  • Life-skills Management 
  • Forward & Free 
  • Forward Together (IOP)


Treatment strategies are determined on an individual basis via comprehensive assessments or substance abuse assessments. During this stage, clients meet with a counselor to discuss their presenting needs (biological, psychological and social.) Individuals with issues surrounding substance abuse will also be assessed using criteria of the American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM). Each client is placed or referred to another agency according to this assessment.

Individual Counseling

Building on strengths, the adolescent may work with a counselor who will help him or her develop new skills to address specific emotional or behavioral challenges

Family Counseling

Recognizing the importance of the family as a resource and foundation for the adolescent’s positive change, YES provides family counseling which assists in the development of goals and strategies for family growth.

Group Counseling

Life Skills Management

Life-skills Management provides participants with strategies and techniques to respond in a healthy way to environmental challenges. In an eight week, two-hour group setting, Life-skills Management uses proven methods to help participants use their personal strengths to enable positive growth and change. It is appropriate for those adolescents (with or without substance abuse issues) who need help with self-esteem, social skills, and anger-management.

Forward & Free

Forward & Free is a group program that addresses the strengths and choices needed to address substance abuse in their lives. For those youth who are considering a change in their habits of use of alcohol and other drugs, Forward & Free provides support, strategies, and information that will assist them in their journey. The care and respect of the counselor and other group members provides a safe place where adolescents may make healthy decisions to move forward and become free.

Forward Together

Forward Together is an intensive outpatient program for youth 12-18 years old. The program is built on an understanding that drugs and alcohol can significantly block the potential of young people, interfere with positive family relationships, and decrease the possibility for academic and social success. Beyond that, the program is based on the belief that family and peers can be resources for renewal for the young person.

Combining the proven approaches applied in Life-skills Management and Forward & Free with the powerful and effective NURTURING PARENTING program, Forward Together provides a new chance to build strengths in the young client. At the core of Forward Together is a philosophy that focuses on the strengths of the adolescent and incorporates the family as an integral part of treatment. Clients will receive group counseling for two hours-a-day, three-days-a week (Monday, Wednesday & Saturday). On Saturday, clients and one parent/guardian are required to attend and participate in a two part group: one hour with their peer group and one hour with their families. Through this interactive experience, the adolescent and the family will move forward together toward strength and positive living.

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