Key Contacts

The contacts below can be reached by calling 732-531-5000 and the extension below or other telephone number as indicated. Mayor and Council e-mails are checked periodically. For more immediate attention, please contact the appropriate Department Head for your situation:

Christopher  P. Siciliano
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Line:  732-531-5032

John P. Napolitani, Sr.
Deputy Mayor 
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail 732-897-6174

Robert V. Acerra, Sr.
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail:  732-897-6173

David Fisher
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail: 732-897-6171

Margie Donlon
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail: 732-897-6172

David G. Brown, II 
Township Manager
Ext. 3310

Vincent G. Buttiglieri
Township Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector 
Ext. 3321

Ronald J. Kirk
Director of Community Development
Ext. 3350

Gloria Walker
Court Administrator

Richard Gartz
Director of Finance
Ext. 3330

Rob Williams
Tax Assessor
Ext. 3331

Michael Sorrentino
Acting Chief of Police

Mark Disakias 
Director of Public Works
Ext. 3360 or

Jennifer Bajar
Code Enforcement Administrator
Ext. 3378

Eric Sudia
Construction Official
Ext. 3354

Mike Butrico 
Co-Director, Department of Human Services/
Recreation Director

Sharon Moleski
Co-Director, Department of Human Services

Jacob Nieman, CTA
Tax Assessor 
Ext. 3345

Tracey Berkowitz
Director of Administrative Services/Webmaster
Ext. 3312