Automated Collection of Household Garbage
and Single-Stream Recycling Information

The automated collection procedures include changes to what, when and how garbage and single-stream recycling is collected by the Division of Sanitation.  

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule
All carts and materials for collection must be placed at the curb line no later than 6:00 a.m. the morning of the scheduled collection day but no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before the collection.  Place the carts so that the arrows on the lids face toward the street.  Also, keep a distance of at least three (3) feet between the carts and away from any obstacles such as cars, telephone poles, mailboxes, trees, etc.   All carts must be removed from the curb line by 8:00 am the day following collection.

Collection will be scheduled by zones, which are identical to the zones used for leaf and brush collection.  The collection schedule is as follows:     

Garbage & Recycling Schedule
Bulk Trash Schedule

Zone 1
1st Monday
Zone 2
2nd Monday
Zone 3
3rd Monday
Zone 4
4th Monday

Ocean Township Collection Zones


Alma Pl

Alvord St

Apple Dr

Arlington St

Arno St

Auth Ave

Barberry Dr

Bellmore St

Bowne Rd

  (north of

  Deal Rd)

Branch Rd

Brandywine Rd

Brooke St

Carbury Rd

Carol Ave

Charles Ct

Christy Ln

Clearview Dr

Cotswold Cir

Coventry Dr

Daniele Dr

David St

Deal Rd (odd #’s

  west of Rt 35)

Dinsmore Pl

Dover Ave

Dow Ave

Duffield Dr

Emma Dr

Fair Oaks Ln

Fanwood St

Finderne St

Framingham Rd

Fredric Dr

Garrity Pl

Gimbel Pl

Green Grove Rd

  (north of Deal Rd)

Hampden St

Hanley Rd

Harteshorne Ave

Harvey Ave

Hastings Ln

Heath Ave

Holbrook St

Honeysuckle Way

Hope Rd

Jefferson Dr

Joel Rd

Kelly Ct

Kenneth Dr

Klein St

Lemon Ct

Lenox Ave

Lesser Pkwy

Lilac Ln

Linden St

Lotus Ct

Louise Weltz Ln

Lynn Dr

Magnolia Ct

Matilda Dr

McKinley Dr

Melville St

Michael Ct

Morning Glory Dr

Northwoods Rd

Nottingham Rd

Oakhurst Pkwy

Oak Mews Ct

Old Orchard Ln

Orange St

Pal Dr

Peachtree Rd

Pear St

Persimmon Rd


Phoenix Pkwy

Picton St

Pierce Dr

Pine Ln

Pitney St

Polbos Pkwy

Poplar Rd

Poplar Pl

Provident Ct

Rawson Cir

Robert Pl

Rolling Meadows

  Blvd N

Rolling Meadows

  Blvd S


Star St

Talmadge St

Tanya Cir

Trenton Ave

Van Note Pkwy

Vernon St

West Lincoln

  (west  of


West Park Ave

Waverly St

Westfield St

Whalepond Rd

  (west side)

Winterberry Ct


Abis Pl

Adams Ave

Alpern Ave

Ampere Ave

Barbara Ln

Bauer Ave

Beecroft Pl

Belmar Ave

Berger Ave

Brookside Ave


Brown Pl

Calvin Terr

Campbell Ct

Carole Dr

Cedar St

Chatham Ave

Cheryl Dr


Chris Pl

Clark Ct

Cliftwood Rd

Clover Hill Rd

Corey Dr

Crimson Cir

Crosby Ave

Cypress Ave

Deborah Pl

Delaware Ave

Dixon Ave

Elberon Blvd

Elizabeth St

Elm Ave

Elmwood Rd

Ferris Ct

Forest St

Franklin Ave



Freehold St

Garfield Ave

Garwood St

Gates Ave

Golf Rd

Grant Ave

Greenbrier Rd

Harnell Ave

Harrison Ave

Harvard Ct

Helen Ct

Highwood Rd

Holland Ave

Holly Terr

Howard Ave

Hull Ave

Idlewood Ave


Jerome Ave

Joanna Ct

Johnston St

Kramer Ct

Laird St

Lake Ave

Larchwood Ave

Larkin Pl

Lawrence Ave

Lewis St

Lincoln Ct

Lloyd Pl

Lockwood Pl

Maple St

Maplewood Ave

Marcy Pl

Marie Elaine Ct

Michael Ave


Monmouth  Rd

   (north of Roseld)

Mount Ct

Norwood Ave

Oakhurst Rd

Oakwood Ave

Old Farm Rd

Overbrook  Ave


Park Ave

Parker Ave

Perrine Ave

Pinecrest Rd

Pinewood Ave

Portage Path

Princeton Ct

Redmond Ave

Ridgewood Ave

Robby Dr

Robin Dr

Roosevelt Ave

Roseld Ave (from

   #508 east)

Roslyn Dr

Ross Ct

Runyan Ave

South Lincoln Ave

Saxony Dr

Shadowlawn Dr

Sheridan Ave

Sherman Ave

Slocum Pl

Teabury Ln

Tulip Ct


Vineberg Ct

West Lake Ave

West Lincoln Ave

   (east of Whalepond)

West Morgan Ave

West Park Ave (east

   of Whalepond)

Wallace Ave

Washington Dr

Wells Ave

Wenning Ct

Whalepond Rd

   (east side)

Wilson Ave

Wilson Dr

Woodcrest Rd

Woodrow St



Abbey Ln

Alba Ct

Almark Terr

Aron Ct

Asbury Ave

Ascot Dr

Aspen Ct

Blair Ct

Bloomsbury Ave

Bowne Rd (south

  of  Deal Rd)

Boxwood Dr

Brielle Ave

Bryan Ct

Buckingham Dr


Cambridge Way

Cedar Village


Clicwood Ct

Cold Indian

  Springs Rd

Conaskonk Dr

Copperfield Ct

Cutter Dr

Deal Rd (even #’s

  west of Rt 35)

Debra Ct

Delta Dr

Derby Ln

Devon Ct

Dogwood Dr

Dune Rd

Eagle Ave


Eaton Pl

Ellen Ct

Evergreen Dr

Faith Dr

Fernwood Dr

Fieldstone La

Freehold Rd

Gail Ct

Glenview Dr

Green Grove Rd

  (south of Deal Rd)

Hampton Dr

Herbert Ave

   (west  of  Rt 35)

High Ridge Rd

Hillside Ave

Hillside Terr

Horicon Dr



Jackson Cir

Jerome Smith Dr

Kimberly Dr

Lambert Johnson Dr

Lancaster Dr

Mackiewicz Way

Mahoras Dr

Maidenstone Dr

Malke Dr

Mallard Rd

Mark Pl

Marshall Dr

Meadows Ln

Middlebrook Dr

Naomi Rd

Oak Knoll Rd

Oak Tree Ln





Overhill Rd

Oxford Dr

Pilgrim Hollow Rd

Randi Ln

Redwood Dr

Roller Rd

Sandy Ln

Saul Rubin Ln

Sequoia Pkwy

Seward Dr

Sharon Dr

Shinnecock Hills


Shirley Ann Dr

Springhouse Rd


Standish Dr

Stanley Benn Ln

Stonehenge Dr

The Arbor Way

The Fellsway

Thompson Ln

Tilton Dr

Timber Dr

Tudor Dr

Upton Pl

Violet Dr

Wainscott Ct

Water Mill Ct

Waycake Dr

Wemrock Dr

Westecunk Dr

William Ln


Windsor Ln

Wooley Way

Yorke Ln


Allaire Ave

Allenhurst Ave

Appleby Dr

Avon St

Ballard Dr

Beechwood Ave

Belmont Ave

Bendermere Ave

Berkeley Ave

Beverly Ave

Bimbler Blvd

Bingham Ave

Birch Ave

Blanchard Pkwy

Bloomfield Ave

Brook Dr

Brook Pl


Brookside Ave

  (West Deal)

Brower Blvd

Bruns Rd

Bryan Ave

Camp Ave

Chestnut Ave

Coach Dr

Colonial Ave

Corlies Ave

Darlene Ave

Deal Lake Point


Deal Pkwy

Deal Rd (even #’s

   east  of  Rt 35)

Dennis Rd

Donald Rd

Donna Ct

Doreen Rd

Doris Ave

Dorset Rd

Dwight Dr

Edgemere Pl

Edgewood Ave

Eisele Ave

Evergreen Ave

Fairmont Ave

Fairway Ln

Franklin Ave


Franklin Pkwy

Garven Ave

Grasmere Ave

Green Terr

Griffin Pl

Grove St


Herbert Ave

   (east  of Rt 35)

Hetrick Point Rd

Hillcrest Ave

Interlaken Ave

Ivy Pl

James Dr

Jeffrey Ave

Jersey St

Joda Rd

Judith Ct

Keleigh Pl

Lake Dr

Lakeview Ave

Laurel Ave

Lawrence Ave


Lincoln Dr

Logan Rd

Madison Ave


Maple Ave

Marion Ave

Marisa Ct

Milwin Ct

Milwin Gate Rd

Monmouth Rd

  (south of Roseld


Monroe Ave

Myrtle Ave

North Dittmar Dr

North Edgemere Dr

North Wanamassa Dr

Oak Ave

Oak Dr

Opdyke Ave

Overbrook Ave

  (Colonial Terr)


Palmer Ave

Park Blvd

Park Pl

Parkview Ave

Patterson Ave

Penny Ln

Raymere Ave

Romaine Pkwy

Roseld Ave (#675


South Dittmar 


South Edgemere





Spruce Ave

Staffa St


Stewart Ave
Stevens Rd

Sunset Ave

Surrey Ln

Thomas Ave

Turner Ave

Unami Ave

Vina Ave

Walnut Ave

Wanamassa Pl

Wanamassa Pt


Wardell Pl

Weston Ave

Wickapecko Dr

Wildwood Rd

Woodland Rd

Woodlock Ave

Woods End

If you are not sure of your zone, please call Public Works at 732-531-5000. extensions 3362, 3363 or 3364.

The Township drop-off center is available to residents and small local businesses for disposal of recyclable materials.

 Important Information/Dates
for the 2012/2013 Collection Schedule

The Division of Sanitation observes the following holidays New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. No materials are collected on these holidays. If  your scheduled collection falls on one of these holidays, alternate plans will be made as stated in the 2012 Collections Calendar.

 2012 Metal Collection Dates

January 30, 2012
April 30, 2012
July 30, 2012
October 29, 2012
January 5, 2013
Due to Federal regulations, freon-containing appliances cannot be picked up. 

 Old Garbage and Recycling Cans

 Residents choosing not to use old garbage/recycling containers as storage for bulk trash and/or brush may place them out for collection with bulk trash. Any containers placed to the curb for disposal must be visibly marked.

 General Information

If you have any questions regarding this program or schedule changes, feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at 732-531-5000, extensions 3362, 3363, or 3364 or via e-mail at