Township Manager
Andrew Brannen, ext 3310

Administrative Assistant
Adrienne Burke, ext. 3312

MIS Director
Steve Errion, ext. 3315

Code Enforcement Official
Thomas Caruso, ext. 3378

Ocean TV Coordinator
Thomas Reu, ext. 3302

The Office of the Manager is the focal point of the administrative operations. The Manager is the chief executive and administrative official of the Township.  The Township Manager serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council and presides over the day-to-day administration of the municipality's executive and administrative business matters.  The powers and duties of the Township Manager are prescribed by State statute and municipal ordinance.  Responsibilities of the Manager include:

The Township Manager's immediate staff consists of an Administrative Assistant, an Information Technology (IT) Administrator and a part-time Ocean TV Coordinator.  Staff responsibilities include:

Andrew G. Brannen was appointed as Township Manager on June 29, 2007.  He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from the Ohio State University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois.  He has held prior municipal management positions in Illinois and Nebraska.  Mr. Brannen is an active member of State and National professional associations and follows the International City/County Managers' Association ( ICMA ) Code of Ethics.  He resides with his wife and five children in the Wanamassa section of the Township.